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Superior Hydration with


Formulated to repair and rejuvenate
Deeply moisturise and smooth skin with a velvety texture
Reduce signs of aging

Superior Hydration with

Super Hyaluronic Acid

A unique Japanese blend of multi-molecular Hyaluronic Acid for multi-layered hydration
Formulations designed to keep skin plump and deeply moisturised, for longer
Trusted, innovative skincare with premium textures and suitable for sensitive skin

My face always feels so quenched after using the serum. I was sceptical at first based off how little product you actually use at each application but the hydration lasts nearly all day under my moisturiser. Will be repurchasing!

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Harnessing Over 120 years of Skincare Wisdom

Join us in celebrating a century-plus of skincare knowledge from Rohto Pharmaceuticals, established in 1899 and brought to you through Hada Labo. As Japan's favourite skincare brand since 2004, we embody the essence of simplicity, trustworthiness, and effectiveness through scientifically proven, non-irritating formulations. Dive into the traditional Japanese moisturising skincare ritual and discover the distinctive Hada Labo experience.

FAQs: Dive Deeper Into Our Skincare Essentials

Deepen your understanding of our skincare offerings–explore the science behind our unique Japanese formulas and powerful ingredients to master our 4-Step Japanese Hydrating Skin Care Ritual.

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What is the Hada Labo skincare ritual?

The Hada Labo skincare ritual is a 4-step Japanese moisturising routine that helps unlock the full potential of our unique products, leading to deeply hydrated and glowing skin.

Is Hada Labo Fragrance-Free?

Yes! Hada Labo Tokyo is Fragrance-Free, so if you prefer skincare minus the perfume, you can rest assured the entire Hada Labo Tokyo line is for you. Hada Labo Tokyo also avoids using parabens, dyes or mineral oils in their products to ensure optimum skin compatibility with even the most sensitive skin.

Can I use Hada Labo products if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, Hada Labo's products are designed to be safe and effective for all skin types, including those with dry, dehydrated, and sensitive skin. Our super hydrating formulas help reduce sensitivity and redness and leave you plump and hydrated! Always consult your dermatologist if you have any concerns.

What is SUPER HYALURONIC ACID, and why is it important?

Super Hyaluronic Acid is an exclusive ingredient in all Hada Labo skincare products. It's a unique blend of three types of hyaluronic acid - HYALURONIC ACID PLUS (HA+), MICRO HYALURONIC ACID (MICRO HA), and MACRO HYALURONIC ACID (MACRO HA). Each type of hyaluronic acid serves a different function due to its molecular size. HA+ penetrates deeply into the skin due to its microscopic size, MICRO HA hydrates multiple skin layers from within, and MACRO HA forms a protective layer on the skin's surface that locks in moisture. Together, these hyaluronic acids provide deep and thorough hydration.

Is Hada Labo Non-Comedogenic?

Yes. Hada Labo products are suitable for all skin types. Our skincare solutions do not contain mineral oil and are non-comedogenic–they won't contribute to clogged pores.

What is the Mochi-Mochi effect in Hada Labo products?

The Mochi-Mochi effect is a signature feature of Hada Labo Tokyo products, inspired by the texture of a traditional Japanese rice cake known as 'mochi'. This effect represents a temporary sensation of slight stickiness after applying our products. It indicates that your skin has sealed in the intense hydration for all-day moisture, leaving it soft, plump, and 'mochi-mochi' in texture.

What is Hada Labo?

Hada Labo is Japan's No.1 skincare brand, widely recognised for its superior hydration and scientifically proven beauty solutions. Our products are premium yet accessible to users across the globe.

What does the name Hada Labo mean?

HADA is Japanese for SKIN. LABO stands for LABORATORY. Hada Labo means SKIN LAB